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green pythonSometimes we just look at the color or the caption and say, “Great.  It’s Green!”  If you did that with this big guy, he would have you for lunch.

That isn’t always the smartest approach.  In fact, it is absolutely shocking about how many people don’t look at the labels, don’t know how to read labels, or perhaps don’t care about the labels.

I don’t mean just the hard part on the back.  I’m talking about the front label when companies say, “All Natural” or “Green” or “Eco-friendly”.

Snake venom is natural.  Once I even let a crazy woman who was a “healer” put snake venom under my tongue for…. but that’s a story for another blog.

See – I can tell you from experience that not everything you do is always the smartest thing in the world.  What we will do here as your Green Guide will be to warn you about those labels and companies who are in the Green Jungle for the marketing advantage and not for the health and safety advantage.

We’re big on looking at the companies who produce the products.  What good is it if a company is producing a great product but they are destroying the planet or their personnel in the production process?

If you hear or see anything that you want to share, please feel free to send us the information and we’ll get it posted and give you the credit!  In the Green Jungle, you always need as many eyes and ears as possible.