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Where the Journey Begins

green footprintWe think the best place to start is at home. Your home.  For every person we see behind a podium at a conference, we’re just dying to go visit their home and see how they are actually living.  How can anybody arrive at a conference on “Your Carbon Footprint” in a private airplane or big SUV?  Makes no sense.

Some days we’ll make good progress through the Green Jungle.  Some days we might run into some pretty rough terrain, so we won’t get too far.  There will be  days when we stop, sit back, sit around the campsite, maybe tell some stories, sew on a button or two, maybe sketch a plant or two, take a dip in the falls around the bend…

You will have to make an effort.  You can’t just close your eyes and click those green slippers to get to where you want to go.  You may even want to give up and go back to where you came from.  We really hate it when that happens.  That’s when we even tell the baboons to just go right ahead and do what they want.  This planet doesn’t have the time or resources to put up with quitters.  We have to get on the Green Path and get through this Green Jungle.  There’s a lot riding on this trip.compass

We travel with a compass, because no GPS has been created yet to show us the best way through the Green Jungle.  No one has traveled this path before.

If you think you’re some smarty-pants who can barrel right through, you just go right ahead and charge right in.  We’ll either throw you a line when you are sinking in the quicksand or put up a marker where we find your moldy socks and bones… because this Green Jungle isn’t for the faint-hearted or for fools.

So, you aren’t expected to have a high-dollar backpack for this journey or expensive eco-friendly boots.  You come with the right attitude and the desire to start with some small steps, and we guarantee that we are going to make some progress.  Some might move at a slower pace, but that’s just fine.  We just need to get a lot of people on the same path, headed in the same direction.  It’s the only way we are going to get a path through this Green Jungle.