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Your Green Guide

King of the Green Jungle

My job is to guide you through the Green Jungle.  Some will want me to show you the “magic” of the Green Jungle.  I’ll probably spend most of my time trying to keep you safe from the dangers, the wrong turns… and showing you how to deal with those silly baboons hanging around up there in the trees, just waiting for the right moment to scare you to death or steal something shiny.

Enter with caution and be prepared for things to change at a moment’s notice.  Gotta’ be nimble.  Gotta’ be quick.  Sometimes we have to be quiet.  At other times, you just have to roar to get some idiot baboon’s attention.

At times we will be in a hurry, but I also promise we will take the time to see the beauty of where we are and where we are going.  (Just another thing that all good guides do.)

By the way, it’s a long journey.  Not one where we will reach the end tomorrow… or the next day.  This is where you will walk everyday for the rest of your life.

Get packed.  Put your helmet on.  Always have a pair of dry socks.  Sometimes it isn’t the snakes that get you, it’s the foot rot.  It’s bad when we have somebody on the trail with foot rot.  You’ll end up slowing us all down.

Oh, one last thing.  Remember that our journey is an important one.  We’re entering new territory and need to make sure we blaze the path for the future generations to follow.  Let’s make it a good path.  A green path.